“Fallen, Meeting the Edge” a haiku story in praise of shadows // 7 haiku by Maria Papatzelou inspired by 7 photographs of George Nobechi.

a liquid star
fallen, meeting the edge
our milky way

ρευστό αστέρι
πέφτει, την άκρη βρίσκει
του γαλαξία

[♡in memory of our dear friend, and wonderful photographer ms @April Nocifora]

something hid you
though you were there
– still, you are

κάτι σ’έκρυψε
κι ας υπήρχες εκεί
-ακόμα είσαι

blue hours passing
shadows inside
a restless light

γαλάζιες ώρες
σε σκιές ανάμεσα
ανήσυχο φως

hunting shadows
on my pink brain
-trick or treat?

κυνηγάς σκιές
σ’ ένα ροζ εγκέφαλο
-φάρσες σε κερνά

indigo sky
waving at me
still, i am not looking

το μπλέ τ’ουρανού
μου ‘γνεφε καλημέρες
μα δεν κοιτούσα

a red tear
on thirsty leaves
bow down on water

κόκκινο δάκρυ
διψασμένα τα φύλλα

how it is empty now!
like a rainbow color
trapped inside

δες, πως αδειάζει!
σαν ουράνιο τόξο,
το χρώμα κρατά


George Nobechi, Tokyo, Japan

Website: www.georgenobechi.com / E-mail: studio@georgenobechi.com

George Nobechi is a photographer whose work focuses on disconnection, duality and longing. As a bicultural Japanese/Canadian he is simultaneously an insider and outsider in Eastern and Western cultures and it is this “intimate distance” and space in between two cultures that is the unifying thread of his work. For PhotoNOLA he has prepared three bodies of work: The Japan I Hadn’t Seen, Japanese Aquariums (both new for 2020) and Here.Still. (an ongoing project with updates). He is seeking to build new relationships, update existing ones, and explore possible avenues for showcasing his work.
Publications, Collections and Representation Highlights:

Gallery representation: Patricia Conde Galeria (Mexico) and A Gallery for Fine Photography (New Orleans).

Solo exhibitions: Here. Still. Photoville 2020 New York, Gastfeld Gallery in Bremen, Germany (2020), and Another Fair, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2020), Workspace Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska (2018-2019), Jackson Dinsdale Art Center, Hastings College, Nebraska (2018), and Moments of Serenity at Walls of the World Gallery, Penne, Italy, 2018.

Group exhibitions number 35+ to-date, and collections include the Center for Creative Photography, Tucson, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography and the Australian Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Publications: Huffington Post, PDN, Lenscratch, Fraction & Vostok: Here. Still., Newsweek & Edge of Humanity: Granite and Glass, Asahi Camera: To Bloom in the North Country.

Awards include: Here. Still. Critical Mass Winner 2017, Rfotofolio winner 2018, Review Santa Fe 2018, Paris Photo Prize Silver for monograph and fine art categories 2017, PDN’s The Curator Award best landscape series 2017, Phoenix Art Museum’s Sidney Zuber Award Honorable Mention 2017, SilverEye Center for Photography’s Commendation Award 2017, PRC Boston’s Exposure Award, etc.

Japanese Aquariums: PX3 State of the World Curator Selection Winner 2020, Rfotofolio Merit award winner 2020, Kolga-Tbilisi Photo Festival Best Single Shot 2020 Finalist.

The Japan I Hadn’t Seen: International Photo Awards: Honorable Mention 2020, Kolga-Tbilisi Photo Festival Best Single Shot 2020 Finalist.


Maria Papatzelou
Graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki, a visual artist, scenographer, co-curator of international art projects, radio producer and art teacher in Secondary Education. She lives and works in Thessaloniki. She has participated in many group exhibitions, in Greece and abroad (India: N.Delhi “Triveni Kala Sangam ” 2014 / London: The Crypt Gallery , 2017 / Taiwan:International Biennial Print Exhibition, National Taiwan Museum of Modern Arts 2018/ Japan, Kobe:Excellent Prize in International Art Exchange Exhibition Kobe 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 where she was honoured with Excellent Prize, Kyoto: Hogonji Temple 2020, Japan,
Byzantine Museum in Thessaloniki 2017/ Archaeological Museum in Thessaloniki 2020/ Lafcadio Hearn’s Historical Centre in Lefcada 2019/2021/ Tatami Museum of Arts, Eiheiji JAPAN “In Praise of Zen” 2021)
and has presented 6 solo exhibitions.
She writes Haiku poetry and her first book “Inner Connections of the Liquid Sky” https://bookplt.com/viewer/ErQEwezDFFxWNkkjFWCuIDLSYsRccBtMUJBiwrWNNHSVeib135116 was published in Japan and Greece, with translation and comments by Mr. Masashi Nakamura, April 2020. She is a member of Theater Maiotron since 1994 . Her poems and writings are presenting in www.monocleread.gr She participated with her poetic writings in LUZ DEL MES TRI ANTHOLOGY 2020